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ERP - A Must Need For Your Business!

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a Business management tool which is largely available for all kind of business verticals with out size constraint (Small Medium and Large Enterprises). The Key ERP modules includes, Inventory Management, HRM Solutions, Customer Relationship Management, Payable and Receivable Management, Finance Management and Assets/ Expenses Management. The beauty of the ERP system is all the key modules are integrated in a unified database, so all the details of your business can be avail at one end. So the business owners can get the details without any waiting, at any time. here we are going to see what an ERP is,

ERP is NOT Expensive!

  • The ERP systems are not expensive, there are lots of ERP services companies which provide the customised ERP services @ very low cost. contact to get a low cost ERP.
  • ERP solution that lets you focus on serving your customers, driving costs out of manufacturing, and growing revenue, not struggling with your ERP systems and adding to your complexity worries.


  • The ERP system is no more complex, due to the advent of technologies and competitent between service providers, now most of the ERP system comes with user friendly GUI.
  • The vendors only providing User level trainng for their Product. @ TECKTORS, we are providing user training in Documentation level (E Book), Video files with regional language support, and customer satisfication manner to withhold our valued customers."Think diffrently about your user experience"


  • We believes in innovation not in complexity, we hope, for the customers who is having complexity in his Business Process, and typical marketing world, the new customized ERP systems will not be too inflexible.
  • At TECKTORS, we are providing customized screen navigation and user frienly GUI a the layman level.


  • ERP is not only for only manufacturing industries, according to a survey taken in 2010, 56% of the people's are believing that ERP system suits only for manufacturing companies.
  • ERP system can be used @ Finance for,

    * Creation of a Customer Account
    * Creating of a Vendor Account
    * Creating a Bank Account.
    * Creating a General Ledger Account
    * Enhancing Chart of Accounts (when major changes to be made for preparing the financial statements).
  • ERP Systems can be used @ HRM

    * Training,
    * Recruitment,
    * Payroll and Attendance.

  • HR module routinely maintains a complete employee database including contact information, salary details, attendance, performance evaluation and promotion of all employees.

PS : Major ERP implementation fails for a business company due to lack of knowledge in ERP, LOT of Expectation with unnecessary afraid and improper ERP selection. At TECKTORS we dealt in ERP services like ERP implementation, ERP sales and ERP Consultation. kindly contact us for all the ERP related services at

« Our ELITE teams cognitive knowledge in major ERP products from eminent vendors like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, OpenBravo, etc., helps to amend your business process»