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The Third EYE For Your Business!

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a Business management tool which is largely available for all kind of business verticals with out size constraint (Small Medium and Large Enterprises). The Key ERP modules includes, Inventory Management, HRM Solutions, Customer Relationship Management, Payable and Receivable Management, Finance Management and Assets/ Expenses Management. The beauty of the ERP system is all the key modules are integrated in a unified database, so all the details of your business can be avail at one end. So the business owners can get the details without any waiting, at any time.

Warehouse imageInventory (Warehouse) Management All the manufacturing/ Production business process will have a Inventory to store Raw materials for the production, produced Finished Goods and Machineries for the production Process. The inventory management process lies in, Item Costing, Asset Tracking, Item Tracking, Managing and Maintaining Goods Receivable and Goods deliverable Finished Goods Tracking, and managing Multiple Warehouses in Multiple Locations.

  • Unlimited number of warehouses (stocking locations), stock quantities are maintained for an unlimited number of locations.
  • Selling prices for a stock item can be set for each sales type defined in any (and all) currency (ies) allowing great pricing flexibility. Pricing can also be set specific to an individual customer account or even a specific customer branch.
  • Automatic back ordering. Sales orders yet to be delivered can be automatically back ordered at the time of invoicing or the balance of the order canceled as appropriate.
  • A history of stock movements is maintained by stock item allowing full traceability including serialised and lot/batch numbered stock items.
  • Standard cost manually maintained or automatically maintained weighted average cost.
  • Inventory usage by month inquiry by location and over all locations.

Finance ImageFinance (General Ledger) Management Finance Management is the biggest challenge for every business. The integrated and customer friendly user interface in the ERP product gives the business managers/owners to understand the finance Trasactions. Accounts Payable and Account Receivable Tracking and Reporting in a customized time and Customized output format. As many bank accounts as required can be set up details and account number can be held against the bank account definition with Multicurrency support.

  • Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements
  • Reporting against budget
  • Inquiry on any account over any period.
  • Posting journals into any number of periods ahead or periods before.
  • Extensive narrative on journals created by sub-ledgers (AP/AR).
  • Account groups can be nested so hierarchical structures can be accommodated - detailed profit and loss, balance sheet and trial balance all use account group structures to display reports.

HRM ImageHuman Resource Management (HRM) Human Resource Management is very much important to run a successful busines. Every business management having the responsibility to define the payroll, Payroll group, Employee Appraisal program, and Employee Qualification, Exployee's Experience Details and Extra credential of the employee to provide the best managerial suppport for their employees. Every HRM management module should satisfy the following functionalities, PAYROLL, Leave Management, Timesheet Management, Appraisal Management, Hierarchial Role and Responsiblity Management, Resources Skill Management. Our highly qualified professional devised to give solutions that bet suits your requirement.

CRM ImageCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) Success of an business can be determined by the organizations customer approach. In order to provide good customer approach a business organisation should give Loalty points and special concession for regular customers, defining and giving credits to Customers, provong the best deals to customers, publishing the new offers to customers, Providing the quality products at very reasonable price, integrity and stability in price range. The CRM product should give all the possible ways to enhance Customer Relationship of a company. We TECKTORS are very much happy to build your relationship with a popular CRM product.

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