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Spread the Happyness around Us!

We imbibe in high standards of social and civic responsibility, as we firmly believe that we should contribute to the society not only in which we operate but also from what we are getting. We aim at providing the community our technologies and solutions to support them in their growth and development. TECKTORS is deeply committed to the cause of reducing the poverty and begging that exists in the country across geographies and different socio-economic segments. In this regard, TECKTORS plans to extend its hand in Social services, by giving one tenth of its earnings to the orphanages or non-government establishments engaged in providing services to masses. Soon, TECKTORS is planning to open its own orphanage with a priliminary school which gives free education and food.

Garden of Eden (GoE) - According to christianity "God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man "Adam" and Woman "Eve" whom he had formed, where they dont need to work and no sadness (Source: Genesis - Chapters 2 &3). There is no wonder why we kept that name for our service, yes the people who are all residing or depending on Garden of Eden, our vision home for orphanages, poors and beggers will not go across any sadness and what they know is only good things, Our tag line says, "Say Go(E) to Sorrow".

The LOGO - The Garden of Eden looks like a smiling face, inside the face the diagram "Tree" which represents "the garden" and that tree is made up with letter "G", Letter "O" and Letter "E", which is sounds GoE the abbreviation of Garden of Eden.

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